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What is a Webmaster?

Webmaster - they still exist

Behind the successful running of websites are many experts who do maintenance tasks and other essential roles. A general term that would refer to these specialists is a Webmaster.

A Webmaster keep tabs on everything related to a website. They monitor its performance with search engines, functionality, speed and design. Webmasters keep track of content, campaigns and marketing efforts.

Webmasters are generalists with HTML expertise who manage most or all aspects of web operations. Updating content, making sure that the website’s code is compatible with various browsers, fixing broken links and images, adding page animations, new pictures, fresh content, new events and event registration, and product updates.

 Webmasters remember the squeal of a modem.

Technical search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Technical SEO is also a big skill for webmasters, understanding how Google ranks your website and what content will get penalized is important.

Hire a webmaster to either improve on a current website or to build and maintain a new one.

Shopping Cart / Shipping Quote Checkout

Is This You?

Our items range from 0.5kg to 75kg and ship to many remote and hard to get to areas where shipping needs to be investigated before giving a price to ensure both parties are happy.

Basically, all I want is to receive an email of the customers order, then I would respond with the shipping cost etc before they confirm the purchase.

Demonstration you can try - MungDog Shop with Shipping 'Quote' Checkout.

But wait there's more!

Instructions on how you can make a custom 'Quote' Checkout yourself using Opencart.

  • No payment is taken for shipping during the order process.
  • Place an order and see for yourself at MungDog Shop.
  • You will receive a (html formatted) confirmation email showing all the details of the order.
  • This is ideal if your customer requires a shipping quote on their total order (not per item) before they confirm the purchase.
  • Integration with Bootstrap 4 Websites now available.

Website Help & Tips

Website help & tips for small business

  • Scroll To Top Button : Every webpage needs a scroll to top button.
    • Here is everything you need to make a scroll to top button
    • Includes HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and SVG image
  • Embedded Photos Gallery : Using Flickr show 1000 photos free on your website
  • YouTube Videos : Fast loading multiple Multi Media on same page
  • Free Software Tools: FileZilla and PuTTYgen

For My Good Friends

The best Enterprise Techs on the Coast - CODE30

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